5 Things You Must Get Right If You’re Selling Your Home In Florida Without A Realtor

5 Things You Must Get Right If You’re Selling Your Home In Florida Without A Realtor

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Are you thinking about selling your home without a realtor? Maybe you have previous experience selling your home without a realtor…or maybe this is your first time.

Regardless, there are certain things you need to get right or else your chances of a successful sale are severely reduced.

Below are the 5 things you must get right if you’re selling your home in Florida without a realtor:

  1. Price: First thing first, you have to price your home right. Pricing your home too high is one of the most common mistakes. And it’s why homes don’t sell. You may think setting a high price and then lowering it later if no one takes you up on the higher price is a smart strategy, but it isn’t. The longer your home stays on the market, the less appealing it becomes. So, remember this when it comes to determining the price of your home.

    Property fixes: One of the things you need to determine is whether or not your home is capable of being sold in its current state. A lot of people take damaged homes to the market, only to grow discouraged when no one wants it. Don’t make this mistake. Be objective and see your home for what it is. And if it requires fixes, get on it.

    Marketing strategy: Homeowners all over Florida are finding out that relying on outdated tactics and strategies are no longer enough to get your home sold for top dollar. Instead, you have to adapt to the times and ensure you’re doing the right things to get your home sold.¬†Gone are the days when you could post a few signs around the neighbourhood and get your home sold. Now a days, the internet has opened up an ocean of supply…and so more and more home owners have a greater selection of homes to choose from. You must therefore not rely on outdated marketing tactics. Use the power of the internet and come up with creative ways to get your home in front of your potential buyers. Devising a clear marketing strategy is one of the best actions you can take to get your home sold.

    Legal: There are certain things you have to get right from the legal side of things. From contracts to making sure you’re in compliance with Florida’s laws and regulations – take the time out to ensure you’re complying with the law. The failure to do so will only bring about more complications down the road. Handle it during the early stages. And you’ll save a bunch of time (and money).

    Negotiation: One of the areas where having a realtor is really helpful is during the negotiation process. If you’re choosing to sell your home without a realtor, you’ll be responsible for negotiating. Getting clear on your negotiating strategy and coming up with realistic and effective goals is a crucial step in getting your home sold.

Spend considerable amounts of time on the five stages above. And you’ll greatly increase the odds of you successfully selling your home in Florida without requiring a realtor.

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