For Sale by Owner Websites

For Sale by Owner Websites

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When an owner decides to sell their property themselves, one of the key things they have to do is advertising; for sale by owner websites are the best way to market to a broad spectrum of potential buyers. Not all FSBO websites are trustworthy and some may even deliver more headaches than solutions. You need to do your research and make sure the for sale by owner websites are legit, reliable and provide the service as described.

Here are some valuable tips on what to look for when choosing to list your property on a for sale by owner website:

  • User friendly – the site should be easy to use, read and navigate for your potential buyers. It should allow the user search options to help narrow fields and shouldn’t be overrun with advertisements that corrupt the using experience.
  • Traffic – when selecting a FSBO website you want one that actually has traffic and people who actively use it. Before you list read reviews on various sites or call an owner who has their property currently listed and see if they are getting activity.
  • Photos – the site should allow you to upload multiple photos of your property. Keep in mind buyers who do not live locally to your property are less likely to be interested if you have no photo attached to the listing. Don’t let them scroll past your home, load up on interior and exterior photos.
  • Details – the for sale by owner website should allow you to describe your property and give potential buyers details. Some FSBO sites will automatically fill in information like year built, square ft. and taxes based on public record. Check and make sure those details are up to date and accurate.
  • Appraisals – some sites also offer a current market value or estimated appraisal to potential buyers looking at the property. If the site your listing on does this, you need to make sure the info is correct or very close in value. Too high or low may create problems with the listing. If you find discrepancies you can contact the site and work it out from there.
  • Free – you can opt to pay for listing on a FSBO site but the whole point of forgoing a realtor is to save money. There are so many free sites that it doesn’t make sense to pay for listing your home, unless you’re confident that particular site is worth the money and has a proven track record.
  • Contact info – the site should allow you to upload your contact information. You may chose email, phone or directly through the site or a combination. You need to make sure the buyers can have direct contact with you and not someone else or anyone that works for them.
  • Safe and secure – when listing you need to read all the fine print. You want to make sure your info will not be sold to a third party or you might want to opt out of annoying emails that may come your way. Some sites offer helpful emails that you can elect to receive but you don’t want your personal info sold or distributed.

You can choose to list your home on multiple for sale by owner sites. The more exposure your listing receives, the more you widen your buyers pool and that increase can lead to a faster sale. Usually FSBO sites are easy to use and done correctly are a great way to gain positive advertising for your listing.

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