Selling Your Home Without a Realtor

Selling Your Home Without a Realtor

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Selling your home without a realtor is not as hard as you may think. Sure, you’ll see specific studies or articles that state statistics like: a FSBO home sits on the market longer, sells for a percentage lower than what a realtor would have accomplished and maybe had some difficulties or closing issues.

The real facts are; a well prepared, knowledgeable seller, with a dash of passion can be just as good or better than a realtor. The main thing any great realtor will bring to the table are the contacts. Contacts from their client database and other realtor’s client contacts they’ve¬†worked with. See many realtors do marketing and promotion all year round and will have a database full of people looking for specific neighborhoods or houses. When these homes come on the market, they can then call their inventory of buyers or investors.

A few keys to having the same or better success than a realtor are:

  1. Keep a motivated, passionate and open attitude about selling your home (don’t get lazy or discouraged)
  2. Market, market, market and advertise the heck out of your home but put some thought and strategy behind it
  3. Price it smart, do your research, consult people and price your home accordingly
  4. Be open to negotiations and listen to potential buyers but don’t take feedback personally
  5. Conduct open houses and create a welcoming environment for your home
  6. Be flexible with your time and showing schedule
  7. Curb appeal – keep your lawn tidy and the pets up when showing
  8. Keep your home in showing condition. This means clean and tidy at all times
  9. Perform regular maintenance. While you may not need to go crazy upgrading; small things like leaky sinks or running toilet should be addressed
  10. Keep a good contact log. Write down names and phone numbers of interested parties and be sure to follow those leads up

Having a well thought out plan in place will make things easier and more organized during the selling process. A good way to generate and market your property are:

  • Flyers – have them outside and inside the home, they should include basic information, info on the neighborhood & schools and any special features of the home
  • Signs – you want a prominent sign posted in your yard
  • Ads – you will need to place ads in the paper and online – be sure to include lots of photos
  • Website or social media page – some sellers create a temporary Facebook page for the home or website to market and answer questions interactively
  • Word of mouth – tell everyone you know and tell them to tell everyone they know and spread your listing like wildfire
  • Tracking system to record calls, emails and inquires for the home in an organized database so you can refer back to each person and return all calls

As a seller¬†who is selling your home without a realtor; you will have to be prepared to do the leg work, assume their role and invest the time to get your home sold. Depending on the desirability of your home’s area/neighborhood, the market demands and how well you advertise and interact with buyers; will determine how long your home stays on the market. This is not impossible and you will potentially be saving 6% in commission fees, which depending on the sales price could really improve your bottom line.

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