How To Sell Your Home For Top Dollar In Florida

Posted by blogger // March 14, 2017

Are you aiming to sell your home without a realtor? Not sure where to begin? Rest assured! This article will provide you with the ins and outs and tell you exactly what you need to do before you can sell your home fast and for top dollar in Florida. Set a fair and reasonable price […]

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5 Tips For Buying A Foreclosed Home In Florida

Posted by blogger // March 7, 2017

Thinking of buying a foreclosed home in Florida? There are some risks and rewards that come with the decision to do so. And knowing these are crucial to successfully navigating through the process. Below are five tips you should keep in mind: Set a clear and realistic budget – Just because the price tag for […]

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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your Home Without A Realtor In Florida

Posted by blogger // February 28, 2017

Selling your home without a realtor is both an exciting and challenging undertaking. It’s exciting because you get to wear multiple hats and you’re fully in control. It’s challenging because you’re responsible for everything. And whether or not you succeed depends entirely on you! This brings forth major repercussions – one of those repercussions being […]

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Why It Makes Sense To Sell Your Home Without A Realtor In Florida

Posted by blogger // February 21, 2017

More and more homeowners are taking things into their own hands, attempting to offload their properties on their own. I’m sure you’ve seen the FSBO signs, across town. This is quite common in Florida in particular. And that’s because FSBO offers tons of great benefits and advantages. From the obvious benefits such as not having […]

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(FSBO) How To Be Your Own Real Estate Agent

Posted by blogger // February 16, 2017

Doing away with the traditional real estate arrangement? Are you looking to take things into your own hands? You’re definitely not alone. More and more people are making the switch and aiming to sell their home without a realtor in Florida. In order to be successful, however, you must ensure you keep up to date […]

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How To Stop Foreclosure In Florida

Posted by blogger // February 14, 2017

Is your home close to being foreclosed? Are you looking and desperately seeking options that’ll save your house from foreclosure? If so, you’ve found the right article. In this post we explore the options available to you and what you can do right now to stop your home from being foreclosed in Florida. Let’s get […]

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5 Marketing Strategies To Get Your Home Sold In Florida

Posted by blogger // February 9, 2017

One of the most common issues with unsellable homes is the owner isn’t doing a great job at marketing. This is a common problem for a few reasons: People continue to rely on outdated marketing tactics that don’t work¬† Not a lot of home owners looking to sell are versed in marketing These problems in […]

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5 Things You Must Get Right If You’re Selling Your Home In Florida Without A Realtor

Posted by blogger // February 7, 2017

Are you thinking about selling your home without a realtor? Maybe you have previous experience selling your home without a realtor…or maybe this is your first time. Regardless, there are certain things you need to get right or else your chances of a successful sale are severely reduced. Below are the 5 things you must […]

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Can’t Sell Your Home In Florida?

Posted by blogger // February 2, 2017

Struggling to sell your home in Florida?¬† You’re not the only one. The reality is more and more home owners are stepping up and aiming to sell their house by themselves. And so most as struggling to actually get their home sold. Even though the decision to sell your home without a realtor can prove […]

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How To Handle Your Inherited Home In Florida

Posted by blogger // January 31, 2017

Did you recently inherit a home in Florida? If so, you must have a lot of questions and concerns. It can be a very important time. And the decisions you make going forward can prove to play a large role in where you end up. First thing first the decision regarding whether you should sell […]

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